Notre Dame California Student Club

Club Description

The Notre Dame California Student Club was established in 2016 in order to connect current students on campus who share a love of California. Though originally aimed at students from California, the club's more than 200 members include students from all over the Golden state as well as students from around the world who are interested in working in California after graduation. Through mentoring, networking and social events, the club aims to aid in the transition to campus as freshmen as well as back to California after graduation.

Events and Programs

Freshmen mentoring program: Any interested freshmen from California are paired with an upperclassmen, also from California, in the first month of school. Mentors are encouraged to meet frequently in person with their mentees and to check in via text or email to provide advice and to answer questions about adjusting to life at Notre Dame (and winter!)

Bimonthly career advice meetings: Every other month, our advisor speaks at our club meetings to highlight jobs and internships based in California and to answer questions about job and internship applications.

Networking events: Occasional events with California alumni coinciding with their visits to campus. At the end of each school year, we host a large networking event with all students planning to work in California during the summer to meet others who will be in the area and to discuss housing, transportation, and other relevant information.

Summer kick-off fundraiser: On the last Friday of the school year, the California Club gives out free food with a suggested donation. All money raised goes to a California-based charity chosen by the club. Last year, the proceeds went to the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental charity focused on preserving and protecting beaches.

Student Board Members

President - Bobby DiCanio
Secretary - Jacksen Smith 
Events Coordinator - Reynold Hamar
Treasurer - TBD
Social Media Coordinator - TBD