California Careers

Los Angeles

Google. eBay. Pixar. Apple. Salesforce. Universal Television Studios. PG&E. Snapchat. Stryker. That startup everyone will be talking about in six months.

These are the kinds of companies that make California the pulse of so many different industries. These are also the kinds of companies where Notre Dame students and graduates in California go to work.

And now, a piece of campus goes with them.

In collaboration with Notre Dame Career Services, Notre Dame California seeks to expand networking, experiential learning, internship, and job opportunities on the West Coast for students and alumni, particularly young alumni. That is why we have placed one of our career counselors in California full-time.

Career resources are available to all Notre Dame students, whether they are originally from California or not and no matter where they plan to live after graduation. Regardless of your ultimate career path, an internship working with the best and brightest an industry has to offer adds a valuable brand to your resume in much the same way a Notre Dame degree does.

Employers have access to Go IRISH for recruiting talent and employer branding, and there are additional opportunities to participate in events on Notre Dame’s campus throughout the academic year. For more information, please contact Kaci Kelly

Students have access to Go IRISH—the Notre Dame Career Center’s online recruiting database that now lists more than 900 California companies—to pursue internship and post-graduation opportunities, sign up for interviews, and conduct career-related research.

There is also a Career Treks program that allows students to visit top California companies over one of Notre Dame’s weeklong semester breaks and an Internship Funding Program that assists with food, transportation, and housing expenses.

While the Career Center is primarily oriented toward undergraduates, Notre Dame provides resources devoted to the employment needs of graduate students and graduate business students through Graduate Career Services and the Mendoza College of Business, respectively. In addition, Notre Dame California and the Career Center have partnered to create a Silicon Valley Career Trek for MBA students.