California 7 Step Process for Students

If you are a student interested in California opportunities, please follow these seven steps:
  1. Complete your Handshake profile and make it visible to employers. If you haven't had your resume reviewed, schedule an appointment with our office (Meruelo Family Center for Career Development) through Handshake. Always have your latest and greatest resume uploaded to Handshake.  
  2. Make sure your industry and city interests are up to date in Handshake. Very important! We primarily do employer engagement and outreach in these regions: Los Angeles, Bay Area (select San Francisco in the system), Orange County (select Irvine in the system), and San Diego. You can select more defined cities in each of the regions as well, but make sure you at least have those four regions selected (if you are interested in jobs in those areas of course). 
  3. Go to the "Career Center" tab in Handshake and click on "Surveys". Fill out the following two surveys: "California Updates" and "California Actively Seeking". We will be doing a large resume push in the fall and spring to all of the alumni, recruiters, and hiring managers we have been working with in California. Based on your experience on your resume, you may receive an email or call from an employer asking if you are interested in applying to a job opportunity. Please be prepared to respond in a timely manner, so that we can keep our relationships with our employers strong. 
  4. Join the California Student Club through the SAO website and come to the club meetings for updates on employer activity and fun social events. Also, check out the California Resources Folder which contains the California Golden Spreadsheet which has a ton of great employer and alumni information.
  5. Network with Notre Dame alumni and recruiters who are at the companies you want to work at. Build your network early, so when a job opens later you already have internal contacts who are willing to help you. Find these alumni by using LinkedIn and use Career Shift to get their work email addresses. Please make sure you are properly coached on how to outreach to alumni and recruiters before doing so - click here
  6. Continue to check Handshake for job opportunities. Apply to positions that align with your career interests. Make sure you tailor your resume to the job description before applying. Also, use powerful job search tools such as Career ShiftLinkedInWayUp, and RippleMatchSVB's Startup Job Board is a great resource as well if your looking to work at a startup. In Handshake follow "The Notre Dame Network in California". 
  7. If you accept a position in California update your Handshake profile and fill out this google form to be included on the invitation list for summer 2020 events with students and alumni.