Career Treks

The Career Treks program is a career exploration initiative that allows students to travel to cities across the country in order to gain insight into career fields of interest. Notre Dame currently offers Career Treks in two California locations: Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Notre Dame students visiting Disney Animation

There are two LA options, both of which take place over spring break:

  • The “Hollywood & the Business of Entertainment” Trek is designed for undergraduates from Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre and features two days focused on the business side of the entertainment industry—through meetings with companies like UTA and Fox—and two-and-a-half days on creative roles (NBCU, the Writers Guild, etc.). As part of the experience, students have the chance to present a television or film pitch to industry professionals.
  • The “New Media & the Business of Entertainment” Trek is open to undergraduates from any major and, like the Hollywood Trek, starts with two days of meetings and networking meant to familiarize students with the entertainment industry from a business perspective. They then spend two-and-a-half days with new media companies like Snapchat, Fullscreen, and Netflix.

There are three Career Treks available in Silicon Valley—an M.B.A. Trek over fall break, an undergraduate Trek over fall break, and another undergraduate Trek during spring break. These programs give students access to the tech and other employers that make Silicon Valley a destination for some of the world’s most innovative minds. Participants have previously visited companies like Salesforce, Cisco, KPMG, Intel, Marketo, NetSuite, Facebook, Google, Thoratec, and Silicon Valley Bank.

For information on Career Treks outside of California as well as application instructions for all programs, visit the Career Treks page on the Career Center website.