Golden Dome. Golden State.
Golden Opportunities.

Notre Dame is one of the premier universities in the United States. Long known for the excellence of its undergraduate programs and an abiding commitment to its identity as a Catholic university, its capacity as a research institution has hit new heights in the early years of the 21st century.  For several years running, Notre Dame research funding has reached record-breaking levels.

Together, there’s no telling how much we can do.California is a worldwide hub of education, culture, and innovation. From the high-tech environment of Silicon Valley to the aerospace and entertainment industries in Los Angeles to the advances in biotechnology from San Diego, it is a State that shapes the future of our world.

The Notre Dame-California program seeks to elevate the State as a source and destination for Notre Dame student talent. It connects the University’s top-flight faculty and student scholars as well as our premier programs to the dynamic ecosystem found on the West Coast.

Whether the glow of our Golden Dome draws you East or our new facility in the Golden State brings you West, the greeting will be the same:

Welcome to Notre Dame.


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