Innovation & Entrepreneurship

When individuals who possess uncommon intellect and curiosity have the resources and freedom to operate in the most creative ways imaginable, innovation can’t help but follow.

The University’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) works with Notre Dame researchers, faculty and students alike, to license their discoveries to venture capital firms and other companies who can help bring them to market. In cases where a Notre Dame invention or piece of intellectual property would benefit from further refinement, OTT finds a corporate partner willing and able to engage in collaborative research.

By working with industry to translate the University’s basic research into solutions for the world’s most pressing problems in the 21st century, we can fulfill our founding mission to be a “force for good” in an especially impactful way.

A searchable database of Notre Dame inventions and technologies available for licensing can be found on the OTT website. California companies with questions about licensing Notre Dame intellectual property are encouraged to contact Notre Dame California.