Information for Employers - Spring 2023

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Hiring Silicon Valley Semester spring 2023 interns

The University of Notre Dame will host 33 juniors in the Bay Area for the University's Silicon Valley Semester Program from January 26 - May 3. Our highly selective program offers students an off-campus study program in Silicon Valley where they live, work, and study for the entire spring semester. Bringing Notre Dame students from the Indiana campus to the Bay Area allows us to create an immersive program with a strong experiential learning component. Each student will find a part-time internship at a Bay Area company, take classes at the Notre Dame-California facility in Palo Alto, and meet innovative tech leaders from the Bay Area.

Regardless of the size or stage of your company, we know two things about businesses in SF and Silicon Valley: a) you must be nimble and agile to thrive and b) you are always looking for top-tier talent. Hiring a Notre Dame SVS student will give you an intern from a premier university to work on specific projects with immediate impact!

33 top-notch Computer Science and Engineering majors from the University of Notre Dame

How does it work?

We strive to make the hiring process as easy as possible for you. Take a look at our Student Profiles (will be updated in October 2022) to see resumes, LinkedIn pages, and contact info for each student. You can contact students directly to set up an interview or send an email to program staff to get help identifying a student(s) who fits your company's needs. You can also fill out this quick form to express interest in hiring an intern(s) for the spring 2023 semester. Once on that page, you can upload a job description and indicate the types of interns you are looking for (e.g. major, interest area, or skill set), and we will solicit applications from relevant students.

Why you should consider hiring a University of Notre Dame student?

The Center for Career Development has compiled this profile to give you a glimpse of the experiences and opportunities that make Notre Dame students unique. It goes without saying that Notre Dame students are intelligent, ambitious, and hardworking. Each SVS student goes through a rigorous application process and is screened for grades, extracurricular activities, and interest in the tech/Silicon Valley ecosystem. Additionally, past employers have consistently lauded our students for their "grit." Our students aren't just talented and hard working, but they're good people who will add value to your workplace.

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How will the students get to work?

Students live in Palo Alto with easy access to the Palo Alto CalTrain station. We encourage students to use CalTrain or public transit to commute to work each day and we ask you to consider this during the hiring process. If you are particularly interested in hiring a student, but your office is not near a CalTrain stop and you do not provide a company shuttle, telecommuting is an option for some students. A handful of students will possess cars while in the Bay Area, but there is no guarantee that the student you hire will own bring a car with her or him. Generally speaking, students are able to walk within a reasonable distance from a CalTrain or BART station and, in some cases, companies have subsidized Lyft/Uber for interns under certain circumstances. But again, we encourage students to use public transit.

Is this a part-time or full-time internship?

Each student works part-time (approximately 20-25 hours per week) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. You may set hours for the students at any point during those days. Notre Dame sets aside Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday afternoons for classes and professional development. Students may work full-time during university holidays and spring break. A sample schedule might be 9-5 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 9-12 on Fridays.

Can you simultaneously interview students for a summer internship?

Yes, this is encouraged. Many Silicon Valley Semester students will be interviewing for summer internships around the same time that they are interviewing for spring semester positions. It would reduce uncertainty for both the student and your company if you are able to offer employment both for spring and summer. Once spring semester classes end in early May, the student is free to work full-time in whatever capacity you and the student negotiate separately.

How much does your company have to pay the student?

We ask you to discuss the salary with the student during the interview and selection process. Each student is paying full tuition for the semester and the university provides housing and meals. The salary you provide will be used for incidental expenses and previous employers have paid an average of $20-25/hour. If you are interested in hiring a student and you have concerns about compensation, please contact the program staff.

What is your company's commitment to the University of Notre Dame?

We know you're busy and we will try to keep things as easy as possible. The SVS program directors are always available if concerns or issues arise, and they will check in with you twice during the semester, once during spring break and once at the end of the semester to ask for a brief statement about the student's work, which will count for university credit if the internship is completed satisfactorily. However, the employment relationship and decisions about the nature of the internship project(s) are strictly up to you and the student(s) you hire.