IDEA Center Road Show


Location: Notre Dame California Facility, 345 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA

Notre Dame's IDEA Center is the place where the next generation of great ideas is being nurtured. The IDEA Center is Notre Dame's one-stop shop for everything related to entrepreneurship and commercialization of ideas with Notre Dame DNA. Our team serves our students, faculty, and staff, as they turn their ideas into companies.


And we need your help. 

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The IDEA Center’s technology development and derisking process, the Engine, is based on receiving timely advice from industry experts – we can’t possibly know everything about the market and IP landscape for every technology that comes through our doors.  The good news is that, among all the members of the Notre Dame family, we do have access to that knowledge. And that is why we’re asking for your help.


Come to our IDEA Center Roadshow on October 24, at the new Notre Dame California building. Bryan Ritchie, Vice President for Innovation and Associate Provost; James Thompson, Associate Vice President for Innovation; and Karen Deak, Director of Network Engagement, will answer questions about the IDEA Center and showcase ideas which could use help from the Notre Dame family. 


Please RSVP.