Dierre Upshaw

Dierre Upshaw lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works onsite at Notre Dame-California in Palo Alto. Dierre administers ND-California programs, works on the ground with alumni and corporate partners, directs the Silicon Valley student programs and manages the ND-California facility, which hosts numerous campus groups and ND-sponsored events throughout the year.


Dierre serves as the primary point-of-contact for students, faculty and staff affiliated with Silicon Valley Semester and Summer in Silicon Valley, ND-California's flagship programs. He develops the co-curricular, immersive, and experiential components of these programs, ensuring that student experiences inside the classroom are connected with professional development, internships at startups, and practical experiences in California. Dierre works with California alumni and campus stakeholders on ND-California program operations, budgeting, program recruitment, and course planning.

Dierre's background and experience center primarily around academic programs, student support services, fellowships, advising, and academic affairs. Dierre joined Notre Dame in the fall of 2018 after roles at Stanford (Graduate Medical Education) and Harvard University (Academic Affairs and The Office of Undergraduate Education). Dierre received his A.B. degree from Dartmouth (2009).